CJP Safety and Education Foundation

The CJP Safety and Education Foundation has a dedicated Safety Committee to engage with CJP members on methods and procedures for operating their Citation aircraft in the safest possible manner, and to share safety-related resources for use by its CJP members and the broader aviation community. As a CJP member you will receive a quarterly newsletter called CJP Right Seat, and have access to advisory safety materials and links below.

Please note that we don’t tell you how to fly your airplane, but give you things to think about when you do.

The new Safety Committee is chaired by noted industry professional Charlie Precourt, a former Air Force F-15 test pilot / instructor and a four time NASA space shuttle astronaut who was inducted into the NASA Astronaut Hall of Fame. Precourt holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings, and has accumulated over 11,000 hours of flight experience in 90 different aircraft types, including several versions of the Cessna Citation.

You can read his full bio here and see the press release here.

"I'm delighted by the opportunity to lead CJP's new Safety Committee, and I look forward to discussing safety philosophies and best practices with CJP members. As one of the largest owner/pilot associationss in the world, CJP’s efforts will help promote safety throughout general aviation."Charlie Precourt

Gold Standard

Read more on the Gold Standard Safety Award, or Apply Online.

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CJP Safety Committee

Meet Charlie Precourt the Chairman of CJP Safety Committee and read his Message and keep up on the latest Press Releases.

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Need to find that Standard Operating Practice (SOPs) or keep up to date on your Inflight Guides, our new guides page can help.

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Study the latest video's in "What Good Looks Like Video Series", or keep abreast of our "CJP Safety Standowns" or subscribe to our You Tube Channel in our video section.

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Want to learn? Our new eLearning system will teach you what you want to know. COMING SOON!!

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Companion Training

Useful links for companion training including videos announcing the FlightSafety Textron Aviation companions training course.

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