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CJP’s Commitment to Citation Safety

The Citation Jet Pilots, Owner Pilot Association (CJP) has formed a dedicated Safety Committee to engage with its CJP members on methods and procedures for operating their Citation aircraft in the safest possible manner, and to share safety-related resources for use by its CJP members and the broader aviation community. As a CJP member you will now receive a quarterly newsletter called CJP Right Seat. Within these pages you will have access to the latest Citation safety dialog, as well as this safety page on our website where tools and documents will be present as they become available.

CJP Safety Committee

The new Safety Committee is chaired by noted industry professional Charlie Precourt, a former Air Force F-15 test pilot / instructor and a four time NASA space shuttle astronaut who was inducted into the NASA Astronaut Hall of Fame. Precourt holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings, and has accumulated over 11,000 hours of flight experience in 90 different aircraft types, including several versions of the Cessna Citation.

You can read his full bio here and see the press release here.

“I'm delighted by the opportunity to lead CJP's new Safety Committee, and I look forward to discussing safety philosophies and best practices with CJP members. As one of the largest owner/pilot organizations in the world, CJP’s efforts will help promote safety throughout general aviation.”Charlie Precourt

CJP Gold Standard Safety Award

The CJP Gold Standard Safety Award will be awarded at the CJP convention every year. A committee will review all of the applicants to make sure that they meet the criteria listed on the application. The applicant must provide proof of completion for the following training:

  • 100 PIC Turbine hours between August 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.
  • A 61.58 check at a Part 142 simulator training provider between August 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.
  • A second 61.58 at a Part 142 simulator training provider or six (6) hours of Citation dual instruction in an aircraft or simulator between August 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.
  • Additional training between August 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.

The application can be downloaded here and will need to be submitted with supporting documents to safety@citationjetpilots.com by September 7, 2018.

Contact Us

If you have a safety-related comment, question or story to share, please send an email to safety@citationjetpilots.com.

Safety Tools

More to come ...

Safety Documents

More to come ...