Safety Videos

What Good Looks Like Video Series
What Good Looks Like Video Series #1
  Simulator Type
What Good Looks Like Video Series #2
Staying Ahead of the Airplane Mustang
Contaminated Runway Mustang
Ready for Recurrent CJ3
Ready for Recurrent Mustang
Circle to Land Mustang
What’s Wrong with the Scoreboard? CJ3
Single Engine Failure on Takeoff CJ3
What Good Looks Like Video Series #3
Unstable Approach M2 / CJ3+
Flight Control Stick Shaker CJ3
Serious Short Cuts G3000 M2 / CJ3+
What Good Looks Like Video Series #4
Deicing Primer M2 / CJ3+
Dual Engine Flameouts Mustang
Living on the Edge Mustang
Operating As A Crew CJ3
Operations After Maintenance M2 / CJ3+
Ready for Recurrent 2.0 CJ3
Ready for Recurrent 2.0 M2 / CJ3+
Ready for Recurrent 2.0 Mustang
When All Else Fails CJ3
What Good Looks Like Video Series #5
Brake Failure CII
Power Management CII
Ready, Fire, Aim CII
Mis- Trim event CJ2
Parking Brake Mishaps Mustang
Pressurization event M2/3+
Unplanned Diversion Mustang, M2/3+/CJ3
What Good Looks Like Video Series #6
Baro Vnav Incident Mustang/CJ3
Proper Pattern Procedures Mustang
Control Wheel Steering Legacy CII
Avionics Abnormalities-Proline CJ3
Avionics Abnormalities- G3000 CJ3+
Avionics Abnormalities- G1000 Mustang
Avionics Abnormalities- Legacy CII
Control Wheel Steering CJ3


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